Active Youth Is Going To Hume!

This summer we’re taking a group of high school students up to Hume Lake for what’s sure to be the highlight of their summer! 


We’re going July 17th-23rd!


🏕 Ponderosa, the Hume Lake camp for high school students, is an incredible place to get away from the busyness and distractions that young people face on a daily basis and spend time away at camp. At Ponderosa this summer, students will hear the Gospel preached, be challenged through scripture, engage in awesome worship through music, and get some time—both alone and with their church group—to process what God is doing in their life.


Students will get to be part of our high-energy recreation every morning, action-packed afternoons and evenings by playing in the mud, running the Gauntlet, dominating in Kajabe Kan Kan, and competing with their church group. It’s a week that is sure to leave an impact on your student!


Reserved spaces for Active Youth are very limited and registrations will be accepted on a first come basis.


The cost for camp is $665 per student. To keep your cost as low as possible, Active Church will cover all transportation, counselor, and administrative fees. If you want to send your student to camp, but finances are an issue, please reach out to inquire about a sponsorship.


Registration is currently only available for 2022-2023 High School students (9th-12th grade). We hope to be able to also secure spots for Jr High students. 🤞


Begin the Registration process by clicking HERE


If you’re interested in fully or partially sponsoring a student to go to camp this year, please let us know. 


Questions? Please email us at


Looking for more info about Hume? Check below!

Info About Hume

Hume Health Practices


About the Summer Theme

We live in a world where anything can be accepted as true and encourages us to define our own truth. Phrases such as “my truth,” “live your truth,” “do what’s true for you,” are used everyday. These phrases force us to ask, and answer, the question, “Is there such a thing as absolute truth?” And if there is, how does that affect our life?

This summer we are going to take a look at the life of Jesus through the book of John to see how Jesus himself defines truth. Our prayer as we study the book of John together is that we would respond with love and affection for Him and have a greater priority for and deeper understanding of the truth, His word.