Relationships are hard, PERIOD. Throw in a global pandemic, and you’ll no doubt have had your share of relational woes in 2020. Whether you’re a parent who is also figuring out how to be a teacher, a new wife adjusting to your husbands’ peculiar bathroom behaviors, or a friend who likes to discuss EVERY SINGLE conspiracy theory you come across (you know who you are), this series is for you!

Why do we need a Relationship Reset? What’s in it for us? Curious what Jesus has to say to us? Join us this Sunday, January 10th, at either 12 pm or 1:30 pm as we explore what God has to say about our most important relationships in this new year!

And listen, if you’re not comfortable meeting in person, we totally understand. That is why we have a fantastic FB Live experience and host dedicated just to YOU. So grab your coffee, and join us as we reset our relationships in 2021!