Climb to the top of San Luis Obispo to Beat the Bishop


Create memories

Encourage perseverance

Invest in those you love most


Beat the Bishop is all about parents connecting with their kids and guiding them through a memorable experience in perseverance.


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We have an opportunity to further imprint the character traits of hard work and perseverance within our kids. This 3.5 mile hike with a 1,100 foot elevation gain will certainly push your child’s ability to continue upward and onward. On the trail, you’ll have opportunities to encourage your child to finish out the difficult adventure they are on. Our hope is that this hike will be something that your child can look back on later as a reminder to keep pushing even when situations and life get difficult.


We could all probably use a weekend with less screen time and more outside time. The climb to the top of Bishop will take you and your child through all sorts of different landscapes and offer you some amazing views. You’ll get to enjoy some of what makes SLO so amazing while getting in your family exercise. The selfie you’ll get to snap at the top of Bishop with your child is defiantly one you’re going to want to favorite.


Our hope is that the hike up Bishop would be more than just a hike. We want it to be an excuse for you as a parent to get away from all the hustle and create a special moment with your child. Hopefully, the time on the trail will open up the door for you to really get to connect with your child. It’s amazing to see how the outdoors and a little bit of exercise can help create the conditions for heart-to-heart talks.


When you get to the summit and your child experiences that sense of accomplishment, that’s a wonderful opportunity to affirm your son or daughter and tell them how much they mean to you. As you look over the valley together, you can create a moment of deep connection with your child. We can help you think of ideas on how to capitalize on this moment!


If they is anything cross-fit has taught us, it’s that we haveto brag about our exercise accomplishments. After you and your child reach the summit and get back down to the trailhead you’ll be awarded with your very own “I Beat The Bishop” shirt so you can appropriately brag about your feat.

For more info and to register click HERE