We are so excited that you have decided to take the next step! Active Church performs child dedications at the beginning of service, and baptisms right out front of the Fremont after the second service. Being baptized represents our decision to publicly identify as a follower of Jesus and that is something worth celebrating!


One of the questions that we are frequently asked is…
“What is the difference between a “Baptism” and “Child Dedication”?

We believe one should understand the significance of repentance, of sin, and that baptism is an outward expression of an inward commitment.

1. Requires a form of awareness on the part of the person where he or she is at an age where reasoning between good & evil starts.

2. Is an initial step to “Christian maturity”
By participating in baptism, you yourself, are publicly announcing that you are giving your heart to Christ, and your life to loving, honoring and following Him.

In the Bible, in Luke 2, it stated “after eight days of the birth of Jesus, the parents brought Jesus to the temple to present him” – to dedicate Him to the Lord.

Commitment to raise your children God’s way.
Dedication means to make a promise and then keep it, to do it the way that God wants us to!
The child at this time will not understand the significance of this Dedication.
Example: I talked to Addison, Jordan & Megan’s 2-year-old daughter “hey are you excited about this dedication? She looked at me smiled and said “cookie”.

Dedication is the acknowledgment by the parents of God in your life by being committed to a goal – to raise your child with God’s standards. By participating here you, as parents, are publicly saying that you want to raise your child in a Christ-honoring home and asking God’s blessing on your ministry as Christian parents.

Active performs Dedications and Baptisms right here at the church.

Take your next step of faith and click the register button to sign up for a child dedication or baptism. See you there!

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