We are so excited that you have decided to take the next step in your faith journey! Active Church will perform baptisms right out front of the Fremont after second service February 27th. Being baptized represents our decision to publicly identify as a follower of Jesus and that is something worth celebrating!

Important information:
If you are wanting to be baptized on February 27th, be sure to make plans to attend out baptism class on February 20th.

Our baptism class will help to make sure you are prepared in following Jesus through the sacrament of baptism.

In this class we will guide you through the foundations of our faith and explore the meaning and significance of baptism.

When will the baptism class take place?
Sunday, February 20th from 1-2:30pm

Where will we gather for the Class?
Active Coffee Co

Is the Baptism Class required to be baptized on the 27th?
Yes! We ask that you make time to attend this class if you’d like to be baptized on Feb 27th after 2nd service. Be sure to select, “yes” on the registration form if you want to be baptized on February 27th!

When will baptisms be taking place?
Sunday, February 27th after 2nd service

Where will baptisms be taking place?
Fremont Theater


See you there!